LED Task Light

LED Task Light

  • Part Number:L4-02
  • Color :

  • Power Consumption: 7.5W
  • Input Voltage: DC-24V
  • Lifetime (Hours): 50,000 hours
  • Illumination: 1200 lux (from distance 40 cm)
  • Arm Length: 48 cm or 63 cm (option)
  • Mounting Options: Clamp mount style, Desktop base style, Partition style
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Product Features

  • Smart Dimming: All-in-one smart panel design for lighting contorl.
  • Technology & Life style:

        Ultra-Slim LED panel design.

        Designed for concision, precision and truly reflection of quality.  

        Comfortable and ergonomic lighting postions.  

        Extended LED life.  

        Eco friendly.

  • High Flexibility: Easily adjustable for all illumination needs.  
  •  Functionality & Sensibility: 

        360 degrees rotation

        Horizontal shifting for extended illumination radius

        Advanced flexibility for wider application

        Easy operation

  •  Wide Light Distributor:

       Alternative option for extending illumination radius through the head rail. 

       Permits various light shape options.

      Accommodate various situation models.