The CENTURY Cueifon collection cabinet handles are named after the Cueifon Lake, located in the mountains of Nan'ao Township, Yilan, Taiwan.

Cueifon Lake is Taiwan's largest alpine lake, surrounded by diverse ecosystems including Taiwan Red Cypress and Taiwan Red Pine to the south, secondary forests to the east, and Cryptomeria fortunei forests to the west. Enveloped in mist and clouds year-round, it resembles a fairyland, earning it the name "Maiden in the Mist."

Inspired by this, CENTURY Cueifon collection cabinet handles feature designs crafted from walnut and solid satin brass in addition to all-metal styles. Retaining the simplicity and natural warmth of the original wood grain, these small cabinet handles can transform interior decor styles, imbuing the entire space with the ambiance of forests and bird songs.

Cueifon Collection knobs